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Background of our company

With Over 13 years as Zone and over 30 years in the internet Business, Zone Technologies racks as one of the very few companies that have full experience in the internet and Could Hosting offerings in many of the fields.

Zone Technologies was established in 2008 as a services provider in Palestine with concentration of corporate services the Chairman and CEO, Maan Bseiso has a long professional career in the field of Internet and Technologies and the team is a highly skilled group of Engineers and specialist that manages a long list of products and services.

Zone is the first company in Palestine to create a full cloud based on highest standards of cloud services and equipment. (HP, Sun, Oracle, Microsoft, VMware).

Zone has invested greatly in server infrastructure to provide high end corporate solutions. Part of this infrastructure is the Virtual Private servers provisioning based on Blade architecture. The service is provided to corporate clients who wish to host their services outside their premises or wish to save on CAP EX and internet bandwidth.

The service is currently being offered to international companies who want to have local presence in Palestine as well as local companies and organizations who want fast connections to their customers in the region.



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Maan Bseiso


Amjad Siouri


Hussam Bseiso